I'm a graphic designer, a web designer, a website designer, a freelancer ... Each of my clients calls differently, but each of them knows who exactly will not throw them with their problem alone! .. Who at the right time will definitely bring the matter to the end and give out the result necessary to them, penetrating completely with their pain and problem!


I'm not just one of the freelancers with a beautiful face. I render services in the development of site design, which means that in 75% I am the starting link in the chain of site creation - i.e. I ask the future of the client's business on the Internet! With understanding of all the responsibility that lies on me, there is an understanding that this is not only a beautiful picture, but also a well-thought-out strategy for selling the customer's goods / services to the customer, converting the site, working from the prototype of the site, drawn "on the knee" and before uploading the site to the web hosting provider.


From hundreds of other designers and other professionals involved in the chain of site creation, I am distinguished by real experience in sales and understanding of business processes. Behind me I have a total of about 9 years experience in direct sales as a manager (real estate, equipment, professional cosmetics, medical products). In most cases, I understand the needs and complexities of a particular line of business well, and I can save you from many problems and mistakes, because I myself went through many of them.

How much do my services cost?



Since the needs of different customers can vary greatly, I prepare individual offers after a brief review of the terms of reference or a personal meeting, taking into account all the features, the source materials from the client and the terms of execution.


Prices: from 20 to 35$ per screen.

The prepayment is 30-50%

A detailed calculation can give after acquaintance with the details of the project. If you need a logo or presentation design, immediately discard the TK in person - I will get acquainted, calculate and answer.

Обо мне / About me


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